about this site

"fake news" is a buzzword in the discussions about the quality of information on the internet and in the media - for that reason it is the main topic of this site, but - you won't find news here, neither "real" nor "fake"

neither will you find verdicts about actual news topics, whether they are fake or not, as this is already done by "fact-checking" sites and political and media "authorities" - who also have a habit of not telling you their own bias

this site explores how news is created, how is it presented, and in what way the quality of news is influenced by this

in any message there is some form of bias, simply because the message is not the same as the source - a message is an artificial product that has to be created to become an object that very well may start a life of its own


as for the format of this site: you will find few links to sources here, if any at all, and although the texts may follow logical and argumentative lines, they are intended more as "poems of reason" expressing a personal awareness

there is no pretense with me to know it all, or to convince you of something, my aim is to share choices with you as I experience them myself

my mental travels are not separated from my work like mere abstract entities, they are part of it, so I present them here together with the drawings and paintings that resulted from them