how to avoid fake news

in order to avoid something, you first have to see it

so: look for the bias - there always is some

every message has some bias, or is incomplete, because it is not the same as the source

so inevitably at least a bit of "fake" or creativity or selectivity is in every message

if you want 100% truth, live won't be easy, because:

- don't listen to politicians, as they are adept at lying
- don't listen to religious people and activists, as they are blinded by their faith
- don't listen to artists, as they are just making things up
- don't listen to journalists, as nowadays they are mainly copying each other
- don't listen to radio and tv, as they are owned by a handful of big corporations
- don't listen to authorities, as they are contradicting each other
- don't use search engines like google because they spy on you to manipulate the result
- don't use social media because you'll get trapped in an "echo chamber"
- don't read blogs as any fool can say there anything
- don't go to the library, as many books and prints are outdated
- don't read magazines, as they are mainly about the commercials
- don't listen to your family and friends, as they are way too personal
- don't listen to scientists, as they mainly deal with theories and abstracts
- don't listen to atheists, as they have this superiority complex
- don't listen to skeptics, as they keep on discussing things
- don't listen to people on the left, as they are prone to groupthink
- don't listen to people on the right, as they are self-centered
- don't listen to people in the middle, as they can't make real choices

ok, this is overstated a bit - but you get the idea



switch the newschannel OFF and your brain ON ;-)

(sticker spotted in The Hague)